Ettore Racca - History

Ettore Racca - Artist

Personal exhibition

1990 - "Palazzetto Promotrice B.B.A.A." Turin

1990 - "Galleria Celit" Turin

1990 - Civic Museum "Casa Cavassa", Saluzzo (Cn)

1992 - Civic Palace, Rivoli (To)

1997 - "Galleria Storello" Pinerolo (To)

2011 - "Casa Marchini Ramello" S. Maurizio (To)

Award and Participations

He partecipated in Group Exhibitions in ltaly and Abroad;

2nd Prize Awarded at the "Promotrice" of Turin

1st Prize National Award of Saluzzo (Cn)

1st Prize Award "Leumann" in Collegno (To)

Invited at International bienniale of Florence in 1997;


A. Dragone, A. Galvano, A. Mistrangelo, A. Carena, D. Musei, N. Buggia, A. Spinardi